Stacy yoga


Stacy practices and teaches the art of yoga as a physical, mental and spiritual discipline for developing strength, awareness, character, and consciousness

Yoga Therapy - the art of balance, strength, prevention of injuries and flexibility.

Stacy is classically trained in Kundalini yoga and also has over 10 years experience as a massage therapist.  Her classes have a deeper understanding of how the muscles work. She includes various techniques to assist in injury prevention in her classes and works with people recovering from injuries.

Stacy’s classes integrate movement, breath, and meditation to help relax and heal your mind, body, and spirit. Yoga therapy is an exceptional way to strengthen and balance the nervous and immune systems, increase endurance and flexibility and center the mind.

From your very first class you will experience yoga's rewards. These benefits may include relief from back pain, stress, sadness, and insomnia.